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Lilfox Miami

LIL FOX Acid Glow

LIL FOX Acid Glow

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A creamy, electric raspberry jelly with a multi weight hyaluronic acid dose for deep hydration and an instant flush. Clinical-Strength but safe for at home beauty rituals.

-GLYCOLIC ACID for wrinkle smoothing
-LACTIC ACID for brightening and hydrating 
-CITRIC ACID for evening skin tone
-TARTARIC ACID leaves skin glowing with another potent dose of antioxidant protection from fermented grapes
-SALICYLIC ACID for dissolving dead skin cells and buildup in pores
-HYALURONIC ACID multiple weights for hydration from within for the plump plump plump 

Skin Type: Dull, mature, dry, rough-patch concerns, oily, combination and acne-prone.  *Sensi-Skin are able to enjoy this as well but for much less time. Even 2 minutes  reveals incredible results. Always perform a patch test to ensure compatibility and wear sunscreen post treatment. 

Results: Skin feels smoother and plumper, looks noticeably brighter with an instantly flushed rosy glow, and feels much more hydrated and youthful. 

Texture: Creamy electric raspberry jelly. 

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