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Sangre de Fruta

SDF Botanical Shampoo - Garden of Earthly Delights

SDF Botanical Shampoo - Garden of Earthly Delights

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Handcrafted with the most precious essential oils, our Botanical Shampoo is a sensual addition to any shower or hair ritual. Featuring nourishing camellia seed oil, soothing calendula and stimulating ginseng root, this 100% plant-based and organic shampoo is a fruitful tonic that envelops the hair and scalp in a nourishing lather to gently cleanse and hydrate.

All hair types

Clear, lightweight lather

Nourishing Camellia Seed Oil, Soothing Calendula, Invigorating Ginseng Root

500 mL / 16.9 fl oz

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